School Girl

No man wants to settle down with a ho. You always want to make sure that the one you call your own is the truth; from her looks to her history. Failure to do this could not only result in future headaches and heartbreak, but public embarrassment. How many times have we seen our favorite artist talk about their stable of women only to find out one of their thoroughbreds wasn’t so thorough.
Anytime you’re in the public eye, you get your fair share of women that want a piece of you. Some want to see what you’re really like, others want you as another notch on their belt, and then there are those who really want be your lady. Each of them is willing to do almost anything to reach their goals, even if it means crossing lines they said they never would.

A ho is always pretty easy to spot because these girls just give you their intentions upfront. Meanwhile, the wifey-wannabes really discipline themselves and hold out sexually (usually for about two weeks or four dates whatever comes first) but ultimately this just irritates us men and we want to dis them as soon as we finally get it in (sorry). This brings me to School Girl.

I met School Girl on one of my left coast trips. She was very pretty and kind snooty when I approached her while she was shopping alone on Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive. I was also picking up a few items, when I spotted her on the phone. I walked up and instructed her to hang up, and after her initial refusal I thought it was a no go, so I kept it moving. Twenty minutes later, we met again in the True Religion store and this time she approached me and started flirting. We spoke for about 15 minutes, exchanged information and met up later for dinner.

During the meal, School Girl told me that she was in medical school, wanted to work with children (I loved that!) and that she’d previously been in a relationship with an entertainer. After listening to her, I found myself trying to keep up and return as the pursuer in the situation. Overall, she seemed like someone that I could really get with, and when she turned down my advance for a night cap, my decision was solidified.

Five dates later and still no action. Oh sure, she would let your man roam around second base but as soon as I approached third, I was held up. It was cool though, I had been in this situation before. This chick was trying to gain my trust and become my girl. After another week of us doing this dance, she finally gave me some, and not just on some we’re-watching-a-movie-and-one-thing-leads-to-another. School Girl really crafted an entire dinner with wine and rose petals (damn, she was good!). After the night was over, I had to admit that it was almost worth the wait. The sex combined with her total package definitely put her in the wifey running—well, almost. The more I got to know her, the more I saw that she wasn’t wrapped too tight. She was school smart but when it came to me, she was a couple of books short of a library.

For the next month we spent most of our nights together. I would help her study and she would cook for me all the time. Still her attitude continued to be a problem and I had to check her almost everyday. When I deal with a woman, she knows not to answer my phone, don’t touch my phone, don’t even look at my phone, and I guarantee the same respect. She couldn’t seem to get this right, and on more than one occasion she got her feelings hurt trying to charge me up about something that wasn’t her business. Still, outside of that issue, we had a good situation and it only got better when she came to me and asked how I felt about bringing her girl in to play with us.

Although this was not wifey-like behavior, I wasn’t mad at her little freaky side. In fact, the more we did new things in the bedroom, the more she came up with new shit on her own. It went from “choke me, spank me,” to “fuck my friend in front of me while I…” Again, I was with it. I mean this wasn’t going to help her lock me down but we were just having good clean fun! Not long after we started our extra-curricular activities, I got tired of it all. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun. But it made me go from being on the verge of settling down with her to avoiding her calls. I guess she sensed it too because she started leaving me messages with her and her girl getting busy, and asking me to join them.

After a few backsliding instances (and me going home after our tryst) I cut her off cold turkey. For the next few weeks I still got her random voicemails, but I would erase them and continue with my day. After she saw that the calls weren’t working, she began to send me letters with pictures of she and her friends (I kept those). She upped the ante when she sent me a package with bunch of gifts for Valentine’s Day. The box was no big deal, teddy bears and candy is pretty normal. The one item that alarmed me was a notebook she included with lyrics from my songs written across the top of each page (it was like 140 pages!). As a last resort she started to call my mom and talk to her about my whereabouts, (my mom talks to every chick that I deal longer than a month) but moms knew the deal and didn’t offer any information. Once that didn’t work I thought she would just give up. Instead she hit me with constant text messages about her life.

Finally, when she sent pictures of her graduation, I responded (it was the least I could do). I never really had a problem with School Girl, I just lost interest. She still can’t really understand why I did it and to this day, she still sends me those late night messages from time to time…

—Southern Gentleman

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