Seriously. What The Fuck?

Zimbabwean authorities confiscated a truck loaded with 20 tons of American food aid for poor schoolchildren and ordered that the wheat and pinto beans aboard be handed out to supporters of President Robert Mugabe at a political rally instead, the American ambassador said Wednesday.

Im going to let the lead-in for this story speak for itself. For some time, Steely and I have been chronicling the drama of post-democratic election Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe’s blatant middle finger type of policy towards anything that doesn’t involve him. After reading this article I just realized the depth of my anger. It’s sad. It’s an outrage, and I have heard absolutely almost nothing about any other country intervening in this. The United States would practically be at war if this was Iran, Mexico or any other country…but Africa? We tend to adopt a “wait and see” attitude when it comes to the continent. First the Rwanda massacres, then Darfur, now this? Two men battling it out for the presidency is one thing. But attacking diplomatic workers and cutting off aid to hungry children? That’s just sad.

American Aid Is Seized in Zimbabwe {NYTimes}

I’m going to go watch Lloyd’s new video now, for some strange reason it makes me feel better. I want his blowout.


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