How to Maintain Your Summer Friday

While we are gearing up for some long overdue (ok, two weeks) beach time, we thought we’d share a few Summer Friday Tips:

1) Don’t schedule, or accept any meetings on Fridays … they are a trap!

2) Make friends with the hostess at the cute outdoor bar by your job, she can become your ally when it comes to scoring the perfect table for happy hour.

3) Whatever you do, absolutely do not give away your Saturday and Sunday plans … if asked, “It’s packed, I have friends/family in town” works perfectly. Don’t get caught in the weekend work vortex!

4) If you take a Summer Friday, for goodness sake have your shit together. Return that email you’ve been meaning to complete since Wednesday, tighten up all the loose ends. You don’t want to be the reason that your company’s Fridays were taken away.

5) Plan your exit strategy. Be sure to avoid your boss’s office at all times (unless he/she bounced before you did), also steer clear of that nosy chick too…

6) Have a Fabulous Weekend!!!

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