The Boys of Summer: First Up, Lloyd!

Dudes. They don’t always make themselves so easy to love.

Still, the Parlour Maids aren’t exactly your average girls, which means it takes more than the average guy to get us to look up from that steaming bowl of bibimbap and take notice. Because there’s something about summer’s rush of warm weather that makes us want to dwell on the positives of the less-fair sex, we’ll be bringing you piping-hot batches of male appreciation all season long. We’re celebrating dudes who make us think, dudes who make us bob our heads, and of course dudes who make us laugh. First up, we take a trip to the ATL, as Lloyd prepares for his summer tour. Check it!

The Boys of Summer will be gracing our pages every week…but for our first week we will give you a two-for-one, because we are in a recession. Be sure to check back on Friday for our second guy of the season!

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