The Original Affair: THROWBACK!

I’m an old soul, I admit it. I have a penchant for everything vintage…clothing, architecture, accessories, cars…but movies will always have a special place in my heart. The direction, the photography, the style, and most importantly, the simplicity is amazing. A perfect Sunday for me is a nice bottle of Lambrusco, my dog, my couch and a classic film, leading me to this week’s throwback, or for some, new discovery.

The original version of The Thomas Crown Affair is hands down, one of my favorite movies. Made in 1968, it stars Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway, and was directed by Norman Jewison. Aside from having all the class, wit, and charm that you could ever want in a film, it also features a GREAT story line and for my fashionistas, some of the best style ever.

Peep Faye’s first scene…fresh from an airport, she is giving us a true style moment: the sunglasses, the hat, the gloves, the hair and her attitude are like nothing else. Foolishly, I find myself channeling her when I travel (seriously)…

Having seen this movie after the 1999 remake (yes, the one with Nina Simone’s classic, “Sinnerman”), Faye kinda puts Rene Russo to shame. She’s all class and tenacity, without Russo’s sometime goofy overtures and dialougue. In the remake, she made a cameo as Pierce Brosnan’s therapist, and still looked drop dead gorgeous. Oh yeah, Steve is great too, but this movie is ALL about Ms. Faye.

Checkout my favorite scene, when Faye and Steve engage in one of the most erotic games of chess ever captured on screen. I don’t think Pierce and Rene would have been able to pull this off…maybe that’s why the producers of the remake gave them that awful tango scene as a consolation prize. The remake has all of the cat and mouse suspense of the original, but as the saying goes “there’s nothing like the first time.”

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