SEX DRIVE: Toys with Boys

Last night my girlfriend and I were talking about using sex toys with boys. Now, the subject of sex toys is fairly new to me—my girls brought me my first vibrator (a rampant rabbit I’ve named Javier) for my birthday two months ago and I’ve only tried to get it on with Javi a handful of times—so I’m not sure I’m ready to whip out my new toy in the presence of my man.

OK, so I fibbed a little: when I was twenty, for Valentine’s day, my bf (now ex) bought me this vibrating butterfly thingie that you strap on for an extra sensation during ze’ sex, but it felt like someone was using my clit as a pencil eraser and since then I haven’t ventured into the world of electronics for my lady parts. So, last night, my friend and I were saying that maybe there were some other toys I could play with in “semi” public (read with a lover) that were a little less intimidating than a rampant rabbit (which is bright blue with sparkles).
So I visited Toys in Babeland (there are so many things on that Web site that I have no idea how to work!) to find some less “in yo’ face” sex toys that could do the job without screaming that they’re doing the job (I will do the screaming, thank you very much). Here’s what I found:


I have to say, this looks kind of adorable, and with the name Snugglepuss, ($42) it makes me feel safe (and sorta reminds me of Rocky and Bullwinkle).


At $20, this Babeland Aqua Wand looks about as big as a pen but seems to back some punch. One Babeland girl said that she made her BF use it on her too!


This one’s kinda out of my price range right now ($175) but looks super sleek which I’m down with. I’d feel better leaning in to my bed side drawer and pulling one of these little ladies out, instead of my current bright sparkly blue bad boy (not knockin’ the sparkly blue thing though because it rocks so far). Best of all, it’s rechargeable, so the moment won’t be lost fumbling with batteries!


Found this under the “descreet vibrators section.” Everyone seems to be raving about this vibe that “remember[s]” the movements you like best! A smart vibe, what will they think of next! Only downfall for moi, at $185, this one is also out of price range.


OK, this one’s a little scary, but I secretly want to try it. I think you’re supposed to put one part of it in your vagina and the other part goes on your clit, but then your dude is supposed to penetrate you too. Not sure that I can handle two things at once! Anyway for $130, it better be worth it.

Ladies, I am super late for work now, so I better leave you all with that! Any thoughts on the toys and boys subject and/or on these vibes? Also, any suggestions are more than welcome.

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