Throwback: SWV

Good morning ladies,

I don’t know where you’re reading this but here in NYC, it’s gloomy. Personally, I think grey weather is useful for several reasons: sleep, sleep…and doing something with your sigfig that will make you both sleepy, lol. So it the spirit of making rain enjoyable, I present to you today’s Throwback: SWV’s “Rain.” Remember when Tyrese was just a random model? More after the jump.

-Steely D

“Anything”- Now this was my jam, plus Tyson Beckford is one of the models in the clip. This was during his calendar heyday…(you know you asked for it for Christmas, lol).

“Weak”-This is STILL one of the best kareoke/talent show songs ever…

“Right Here (Human Nature remix)”-No brainer. Long live high-waisted pom-pom shorts and riding boots.

And then I can’t forget “Can We”…All that zebra print wallpaper just stays with you, y’know?

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