Vintage Pete Rock & CL Smooth…

I found this clip last night and I couldn’t resist. I attended the Apollo Theater’s Spring Benefit on Monday night honoring Smokey Robinson and Denzel and Pauletta Washington (yes, I saw him in person and yes, my mother screamed when I told her I could’ve breathed on Denzel) and was surprised by the collection of NYC’s urban high society. Ashford & Simpson, Earth Wind & Fire, Terrence Howard, India.Arie, Janet Jackson, Al Sharpton were there and Wanda Sykes hosted (she made a joke re the NAACP burying the N Word- Sharpton looked none too pleased…). After the formal program, everyone walked across the street to a grand white tent decorated with chandeliers, lush lighting, four bars and several buffets. Now this crowd included everyone from 80 years old to 11. And when I tell you the crowd was cutting a rug…Let’s just say my favorite dancer was this little old man with a half-donut hairline and a mean rock. He stayed on the dance floor so long he wore his wife and what looked like his daughter out…and kept dancing while they sat on the couch next to him. He even kept grooving when Pete Rock and CL’s “They Reminisce Over You” came on. Props to the DJ D-Nice, you were AWESOME.

Steely D

props to TMOD

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