“Volver” Director Pedro Almodovar to Guardian: “Don’t Blame Me”

BACKSTORY: The Guardian’s Julian Smith pens a piece on the dearth of Spanish films distributed in the UK, saying it’s because Volver director Pedro Almodóvar absorbs all of the shine, and in turn, that’s why the variety of the London Spanish film festival is so important. Almodóvar pens a letter to the Guardian saying that this charge has pulled him from filming his next movie, which will probably be hailed as the next great Spanish cinematic masterpiece, to say that’s not fair.

It is deeply unfair, and also rather silly, to blame me for an absence of Spanish films at UK cinemas. It is unfair towards me and reality. The reality is, according to figures published by the UK Film Council (Research and Statistics Bulletin, October 2007), that 96.3% of box office earnings between January and August 2007 went to English-language films. And 1.3% was the grand total taken by films in other languages from continental Europe.

These are the hard facts, Mr Smith! A 1.3% market share for cinema from Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Belgium … Spain. The UK market leaves no room for the British public to discover films being made in other languages. Do you seriously believe I can be held accountable for that!?…

Please, ask British distributors why they aren’t buying Spanish films. And look into the reasons behind that 1.3%.

Touche. Read here as the Guardian kisses Almodóvar’s arse.

pictured above: Almodóvar and Penelope Cruz

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