You Know You Have One: Covet Vol.3

Going to the beach? Make sure you pack the essentials, sunscreen, towels, water, a great book (and a boy). When it comes to your literary selection, make sure you choose wisely, after all it’s the beach, not the library. Relax, no one wants to try to understand the complexities of the third wave of feminism while getting their sun tan. Might we suggest you go easy … really easy. For our third opus of Covet, we give you a supreme selection of the trashiest books to lounge with: Superhead (Karrine Stefans), Superhead Jr. (Carmen Bryan) and a host of others that don’t involve multi-syllable words or theories on the social complexities of life. Fabulous!!!

Big shout to our girl Angela who put aired all of our dirty library laundry out for everyone to see!


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