Afternon Tea 7.02.08

Can’t get enough of Christian Lacroix’s doily-style veils from the latest Paris show! The Guardian’s giving a front row view of the Haute Couture collections from Paris with images from Christian Lacroix, Chanel, Givenchy and Lebanese designer George Chakra. {Guardian}

First Spain, now India’s truckers are striking due to rising fuel costs. Unlike in Spain, India’s truckers are not barricading the roads with their trucks. Phew! Can you imagine India’s roads with Lorry’s blocking them? {BBC}

Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress party have just been taken off the US’s terror list. Condie Rice called it “rather embarrasing.” Umm Yah! Glad they update that terror list often eh? {BBC}

Famous bag company Longchamp Paris turns the big 6-0 tomorrow. To celebrate, The Kills will rock out in the name of fashion at L’Elysee Montmartre. {Nylon}

Remember Kardinal Official-the Jamaican Rapper from Canada—that we all thought was gonna flop for like .2 seconds and then he fast talked his way into our hearts and Disc-Mans/iPods? He’s got a new song, “Burnt”. Mama Like!” {the Fader}

A Palestinian man drove a bulldozer through Jerusalem hitting whomever and whatever was in his way. He killed four people and wounded 30 before police shot him down. Damn gully! {Al Jazeera}

—Bobbi wishes she could have put Parlour Fam’s Tokyo Massive onto the 1950’s Japanese Graphic Design exhibition at the Printing Museum ages ago. My bad. The show’s still going on though, til July 6th and one of my fave GD blogs, Grain Edit, has pics! Enjoy.

image credit: Guardian

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