Afternoon Tea: 7.01.08

Even though we always thought that Mahatma Gandhi was speaking in English (like Ben Kingsley did in the movie), the truth is he rarely gave speeches in English, (there are only two recordings of Gandhi’s speeches in which he spoke English). A recording from one of those rare occasions has been found. Among other wonderful things, Gandhi speaks about the “message of love”. {Washington Post}

Zimbabwe’s government representative George Charamba is not taking s*** from any haters apparently. He “emerged from a closed-door African summit in Egypt” to basically tell the US, UK and other European countries to go f*** themselves, when he said they can “go and hang a thousand times.” Charamba also had a few choice words for another fellow African PM and Mugabe critic, Raila Odinga of Kenya, saying that homie’s “hands drip with…raw African blood.” {Guardian}

Speaking of Kenya, Olympic medal winner Bernard Lagat plays for the other team now. He just qualified for his first US Olympic team winning the 5,000 meter race at the T&F trials. {NYTimes}

Awwwkward, Awwkward. What if your aunt were Denise Richards and she walked into your bedroom and your friends were looking at her spread in Playboy and then she wanted to have “the talk” with you about her playing “sexy” roles before and it was already weird enough that you had seen her no, no place. It just keeps getting worse for poor adolescent Al. {Defamer}

Reggae artist Vybz Kartel is set to release his own condom line (well, sex tends to be a longstanding theme with the brother)! Some folks think it’s weird, but whatever gets the kids to wrap it up is useful, cuz STDs a run rampant inna di West Indies. Vybz wants the fans to name the condom and is looking for a female model (or hopeful) for the ad campaigns. Hit him up at {One876Entertainment}

—Bobbi, is celebrating International Reggae Day by downloading old reggae and dub records to play at work. Wish me happy hunting!

Image Credit: Washington Post

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