Afternoon Tea 7.03.08

Sacha Baron Cohen (sigh… I love a tall, hairy, funny dude) is set to play Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle’s most loved detective, Sherlock Holmes alongside Will Ferrell (coincidentally another tall, hairy funny dude… but it’s not quite the same) who plays Dr. John Watson in an “all action” Holmes film, directed by Guy Ritchie. (YES!- Steely D) {Guardian}

Tyra got waxed! Madame Toussauds revealed a life-size Banks in Washington D.C. yesterday. {TMZ}

I never had a prom at my high school so I guess I can sympathize with little Lindsay Lohan who celebrated her 22nd B-day with a prom themed party at Teddy’s in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. {EOnline}

It’s Thursday, which means the Fader’s Eddie Stats is lining up the latest reggae riddims for us to sample. Peep the Self-Defense/Sweep Blend with song from Macka Diamond, Elephant Man, Cecile and more. Whooooyyyy {the Fader}

Heath Ledger could receive an Oscar, even though he’s gone down under (no pun intended on him being Austrailian- Steely D), for his performance as the darkest Joker in the latest Batman. There’s been a buzz and Heath could become the seventh actor to receive a posthumous Oscar nomination. {CNN}

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