Afternoon Tea 7.11.08

After kicking off in Asia on Friday, the new iPhone began retailing in North America at 8AM today. Canada’s first iPhone buyer is a dude named Christian Meagher, who snagged the new gadget in Halifax. Go Christian, it’s your birthday! {Globe and Mail}

The UN “tentatively” agreed on creating an international commission to investigate the assassination of widely loved former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan’s only female PM) following her return to Pakistan after years of self-imposed exile. {Al Jazeera}

A Kenyan woman won $35,000 in court after being fired for having HIV. Kind of like that movie Philadelphia with Tom Hanks, except instead of a well-paid lawyer and homosexual man living in the North America, Mrs. Ongur is a waitress and heterosexual woman living in Africa. This is the first ruling of its kind.{BBC}

The Brits do love a good quiz from time to time. And today it’s time for “The Week in Questions” on Test your knowledge of current events. It’s fun! I only got three right this week. {BBC}

Comedian Margaret Cho has been deputized in San Fran and gets to Marry gay couples there now! She’s working on being deputized in LA, so SoCal couples, hold off on the nuptials for a wee bit longer if you can. {E Online}

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