Afternoon Tea 7.14.08

For some time, I’ve been on a campaign to convince everyone that Rihanna has no identity of her own. I HATE to be a hater, so I’m slowly coming around to homegirl, especially since it’s been hard for me to hate on anything she’s done in the past 12 months. Here’s something else to not hate on, the 20-year-old star just signed a deal with Gucci to be the face of their ad campaign for UNICEF. {fashionista}

OK this is a little too heavy for my Monday morning. Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir just got indicted for the genocide in Darfur! {globe and mail}

Brangelina’s twins are here! Get ready for the media frenzy People, and USWeekly and Star oh and OK Magazine. {EOnline}

What if there was no malaria in the world. It’s something I never think about ’til I go home to the islands in the spring time and get eaten alive by mosquitos after a downpour. But NE-Wayz Australian Scientists may have found a treatment to “combat malaria.” Oh Wouldn’t that be Loverly!{BBC}

When I hear Mavado’s voice I go through a spiritual experience. No Joke! He just recorded a song for Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell’s (who’s headed to the Beijing Olympics this year) Nike+ training mix. I know it’s total endorsement, but how can you hate.{the Fader}

So we know that the Belgians have a choke-hold on the whole beer industry (well, actually I work at a Mexican restaurant and Mex beers are pretty great). Well Belgian brewer InBrev has just announced plans to purchace Anheuser-Busch for $52-billion. Does that mean Bud Light will start tasting better? One can only hope. {CNN}

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