Afternoon Tea 7.15.08

Radiohead just premiered their “House of Cards” video. And waddayaknow…it’s awesome! They used unconventional cameras through out the whole video. Watch the clip up top. {Rolling Stone}

An Australian campaign group put together a protest pack for Olympic athletes and their supporters to wear in Beijing to “highlight their concerns over Tibet.” The pack contains a tee that says “I support human rights” in English and Chinese. I wonder how many people are gonna whip out their protest packs… and if China’s gonna be cool about it… {BBC}

Looks like T.I.’s taking a couple risks with his upcoming record Paper Trail. Check out this ‘abstract’ album cover on MTV News. I Love it! Rumor also has it that the ATL hip hop heavy hitter will be pairing up with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz for a song with a “‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ sound.” (that sounds awful, I remember his “explorations” with Wyclef last album. no thanks…Steely D) {MTV News}

China wants to import elephant ivory from Africa and the UN Convention on Endangered Species is debating. What is there to debate about?! Well this BBC article will tell you. {BBC}

—Bobbi is heading into the concrete jungle to hunt for coffee.

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