Afternoon Tea 7.16.08

Fashion and travel have always gone hand in hand. Maybe that’s why Louis Vuitton’s gone from gotta-have handbags to guided tours—Louis Vuitton Soundwalk—that you can download onto your iPod. LV’s first series offers tours of Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai as told by actresses Gong Li, Shu Qi (pictured in Hong Kong) and Joan Chen. {NYLON}

My holy shit moment this morning was reading that a video had been released of a detainee being questioned in Guantanamo Bay. Ya holy shit. Despite the fact that this is the first video ever to be released from Guantanamo Bay, this clip is not too shocking, except when the young man in questioning began crying about poor medical care. That kind made me uncomfortable. {Guardian}

So China got the go-ahead to begin importing elephant ivory from Africa. In doing so the country joins Japan as “approved buyers of government-owned Ivory from South Africa, Botwana, Namibia and ZImbabwe.” Does anyone else have a big problem with this? …Thoughts Ladies? {BBC}

—Bobbi just bought her ticket to All Points West yesterday and then found out that the Pitchfork Music Festival is on the same damn weekend! If this is my biggest dilemma, then life’s good.

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