Afternoon Tea 7.17.08

After a recent “flair up” of the territorial dispute between Japan and South Korea over Dokdo (or Takeshima if you’re Japanese), passengers riding on the Korean underground have said screw Japan and their condoms, forcing Seoul Metro to take down Japanese condom advertisements. {BBC}

Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood just checked into rehab for a drinking problem after being persuaded by RS front man Mick Jagger. It makes me a little sad to see a band like the Rolling Stones still dealing with addiction issues this late in the game. But what are you gonna do? Good luck Ron. {Guardian}

Who reading this knows how to make a homemade submarine (not the footlong sandwich)? If you answered yes, then there are a few good drug traffickers who could use your help. See, the Mexican Navy just seized a 30-foot homemade sub, about 200 miles off of Oaxaca, carrying a shipment of cocaine. I’m guessing they might need to build a new one. {CNN}

I know this is not the biggest news in Hollywood, but it has been confirmed that Sarah Jessica Parker just had her freakin’ mole removed! It’s kinda weird to look at someone and be like wait i could’ve sworn that it was there last week. It must be around here somewhere? {E! Online}

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