Afternoon Tea 7.18.08

I just want to take this time out to say happy birthday Nelson Mandela! The jolly good fellow turned 90 today and brother looks about 20 years younger. The Guardian’s got pics from his life to flip through.{Guardian}

OK I just don’t get how this could even go down… A woman in Alabama got charged with manslaughter for severing the umbilical cord of her child while the baby was in her uterus. Sounds kind of Impossible. {Jez}{TImes Daily}

The Center for Disease Control has named the fattest states again with Mississippi coming in at number one with 32 percent of folks living with adult obesity and Texas rolled in at number ten (28.1 percent). For some reason I thought Texas would be higher up there, but the kicker is that all top ten obese states are in the South. {CNN}

Remember when Calvin Klein came out with CK One and you had to have it and you thought it would be really cool to smell like your boyfriend. Well, it was! So Karl Lagerfeld is releasing his own unisex fragrance trio in a few months called Kapsule. The bottles are lego-like in their shape, “inspired by the designer’s love of geometry.” Well, we can’t wait to smell Karl’s Kapsule. {WWD}

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