Afternoon Tea 7.21.08

Jamaica’s Reggae Sunfest just passed last weekend. And we’ve been told that the gangsta for life Mavado killed it! And Beenie and Bounty Killah are still beefin’, but at the end of the night Beenie reigned victorious this time. I always think I’m over these massive reggae concerts in a big park, where I get dirty, stand way too far away from the stage and end up drinking a lot on and not ever getting drunk, and then someone reminds me of how much fun they are! {YardFlex}

Elders in Kenyan community Luo don’t want to endorse a plan that promotes male circumcision to “curb the spread of HIV/AIDS” because it’s goes against their culture. Hmmm. I’m stuck here. How do you convince someone that something’s “good” for them without pooing on their culture or coming across as a self righteous prick? And what if you convince them and then you end up being wrong? Hmmm…{BBC}

US and Iran have begun talking. According to the BBC this is historic. It’s like on Family Guy, if Stewie and Bertram took a day off from planning biological attacks (remember Bertram gave Stweie the chicken pox by having that pretty girl in class kiss Stewie while infected disguised with makeup) to talk about the possibility of sharing the sandbox. We’ll see what happens. {BBC}

And it seems like everyone’s loose-lipped these days. Mugabe and his opposition Tsvangirai are “ready to start talking” and have signed a deal that brings the two leaders and their parties together to discuss a solution to end the “country’s deep conflict.” {Globe and Mail}

Don’t let the bad economy stop you from going somewhere this summer. NYTimes says millions of would-be-vacationers this summer are instead taking a “staycation” (meaning their asses are staying home). But no vacation time could f**k with your psyche, so in the words of Rihanna “Shut up and drive,” even if it is just from the city to the country nearby. {NYTImes}.

—Bobbi Says: You know when you wake up at 6:30 in the morning and realize that you’re clutching a bottle of alcohol in your left hand. That didn’t happen to me, but I dreamnt that it did and it felt so real. Thank goodness I have two days away from the bar.

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