Afternoon Tea 7.8.08

Leave it to Lagerfeld to always take the cake, especially in Dubai. Yeah yeah, Armani and Lacroix get to design fancy hotels, but Karl gets his say on the interior of a whole freakin’ island. Isla Moda will feature 80 residences with a limited-edition Karl Lagerfeld design, Dubai Infinity Holdings announced. Sadly, I can’t deliver a punchline cool enough for Karl so I’ll leave it at that. {Fashionista}

A Magnitude 6.0 earthquake shook up Peru today about 150 miles off of the border between Bolivia and Chile. While I was stunned by the recent news of another natural disaster, I was equally if not more astonished by my very poor sense of geography. {CNN}

It’s official. China loves Kung Fu Panda! While there have been some haters calling on folks to boycott the film, China’s got Panda-monium for KFP. {Guardian}

Another not so fun file on China—New research finds that one in four adults in China are overweight or obese. Chinese gov, If China’s fat, then there’s no hope for the rest of the world, so please take action. {BBC}, a new Website that aims to teach “How to reduce [America’s] dependence on foreign oil” was officially launched today. The man behind it is T. Boone Pickens (LOVE that name) the founder and chairman of BP. TBP says it’s high time we look for “cleaner, cheaper and domestic energy resources.” {}

—Bobbi is spending the rest of her life in the dog house. Run free ladies. Save yourselves.

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