Afternoon Tea 7.9.08

V Magazine’s live & die for fashion attitude is always appreciated. Their V54 issue preview promises Naomi traipsing around Manhattan in outrageous clothes. Love it! Can’t wait. {}

There’s something about Johny Cash. Even before he became the legend, he demanded your undivided attention (Well, i wasn’t around then, but this is what they say.). London’s Proud Central is showcasing photos of Cash taken by photographer Marvin Koner in 1959. Johny was 27 and on his way to stardom. {Guardian}

Apparently information has surfaced that the “most wanted Nazi fugitive” Aribert Heim, otherwise known as Dr. Death is hiding in Chile. and “Israel’s chief Nazi hunter” Efraim Zuroff is headed to Chile to find him. I really wish I could tag along on this journey, just so I could write the screenplay or something. I wish it would resemble an old John Wayne film, where Zuroff camps out in the open in the Chilean Patagonia and waits for Heim’s weekly trip to the market before attacking a totally unsuspecting Dr. Death. {BBC}

I know that Dsteel got you on the reggae tip already during MC, but I couldn’t resist sharing that Busta Rhymes has a tune with reggae artist Machel Montano called “Let Me See.” It’s bigger than big, but what else did you expect. Me Likey. {the Fader}

This makes me giggle a little. A teenager in Fort Worth Texas is suspected of delivering “baskets of drug-laced treats” to approximately 12 police departments in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. This could SO be an episode of Reno 911. {CNN}

image credit: VMagazine

—Bobbi’s got to go back to work today and her friends went back to Turks and Caicos this morning. All bad.

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