Backdoor Lovin’

Though most people associate anal sex with nelly bottoms and big beefy tops, we at least know that women enjoy anal sex, too. Health practitioners and researchers seem to be in denial. The common line of thought reads something like this: women don’t have a prostate, so anal sex can’t be enjoyable; therefore, women only engage in anal sex under duress or to please their partners, with no thought to their own sexual pleasure. Rubbish. A prostate is not required to enjoy anal sex. Armed with nothing more than a sensitive partner and/or appropriate sex toys, women have been getting off on anal pleasure sans prostate for quite some time. Fuck you very much.

Anal sex typically refers to penile (or dildo) penetration of the anus, but also includes licking (rimming), touching, fingering, and caressing the anus and immediate surrounding areas. It feels good. The staunch and stuffy morals of our society have lent anal sex a bad name, but clearly there is something about it that keeps both women and men alike, returning for more. Back door lovin’ might be taboo, but if we eschewed all things taboo we might risk never finding orgasm and no one deserves that.

Most people will, at some point in their sexual career, be curious about anal pleasure. I could care less whether you do or don’t engage your bum in this manner, but I’m throwing the tips out there just in case curiosity bites you in the ass. Note to the anally repressed – this post probably isn’t for you.

You can never have enough lube:
The main purpose of the rectum is waste elimination; pleasure is a special bonus the anally repressed chose to overlook. This means that the walls of the rectum don’t stretch and lubricate with stimulation like the vagina. Quality lubricant is a necessary tool in all anal adventures; saliva is less than sufficient. Silicone-based lube is the way to go – it is compatible with condom use and long-lasting. Lube will make penetration more comfortable and more pleasurable, so be generous.

Foreplay is clutch:
The gateway to the anus is guarded by strong sphincter muscles. Though these muscles can yield in either direction, the muscles’ natural inclination is to aid outgoing objects, rather than the opposite. The key to pleasurable anal sex is training your muscles to relax. This can be achieved with extensive foreplay and by gently massaging the anus with lube and fingers before introducing objects or body parts of more sizeable heft. Anal play is best accompanied by extremely relaxed muscles and some people find that having an orgasm prior to engaging in play helps them to fully appreciate the experience from a more relaxed physical state.

Safety first:
Rectal tissue is also more fragile than the tissue lining most of the vagina. It is thinner, more permeable, and populated with cells that are especially vulnerable to HIV infection. Fluids in the rectum are also more easily absorbed than fluids in the vagina and you may not want to rock a bottom full of semen. Using a condom avoids this problem and protects you and your partner from any sexually transmitted infections.

There are tons of guides to anal sex available online for both neophytes and advanced payers. A few resources to check out for more tips and guidelines on anal sex are listed below. Just remember, it shouldn’t be painful and no matter what you put into the rectum it should go in and come out slowly.

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