Bloc Party’s “Mercury” is Made For your Naughty Nights Playlist

There are some songs that sound so great when you’ve had a little too much tequila and are dancing on a table with your favorite party-girl GF, in the middle of your favorite seedy nightclub, while wearing your favorite pair of jeans. But when the sun peeks its way under your eyelids the next morning and you have to rush out the door and off to the j-o-b the same tunes sound like torture (LCD Soundsystem’s “Time to Get Away” is a perfect example for me at least).

This is my prediction for the latest Bloc Party single “Mercury”, but I need the ladies to weigh in on it. The things that I find most annoying about the song before 11PM—like the constant shouting repetition—are also the things that I L-O-V-E about it after midnight. I just feel sorta sorry for the poor hung-over 21-year-olds folding shirts at French Connection who will no doubt have to listen to this song like 20 times a day, anticipating their nightly frolic in the LES. Check out the video of monkeys that resemble bad Halloween costumes performing intricate surgeries in a tiny tree house in the middle of the forest. Yeah, it’s weird, but cool, but weird…

Peep the video after the jump. And please, weigh in.

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