Don’t Like Your Lady Parts? Dr. Matlock Can Help!

This is weird. Says Jezebel: “Remember Dr. Matlock , aka Dr. Sex? He’s the dude who pioneered the whole “designer vagina” thing, selling genital cosmetic surgery to women, telling them that it will make sex feel physically better. Barf. First of all, when I went to two different doctors to get consultations for vaginoplasty for the Pimp My Vadge series last year, I was told by one doctor that by having surgery down there, you run the risk of seriously damaging the nerve endings in your clit. Secondly, wouldn’t making a vagina tighter make sex feel better for the man, not the woman? Lastly, $18,000 for this crap!? Seriously!?”

Video of Dr. Matlock’s wonders after the jump, I know that some people’s vaginas “get tired” but isn’t child-bearing enough? Any other cutting down there just makes me nervous…I’m going to ask Ms. Skeptical about this one.

That is all.

Thanks Jeze

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