Fall Fashion Report

While the fashion world is reeling from Ruslana Korshunova’s suicide, and I’m reeling from the Teen Vogue piece I read on model Ali Michael at the beach this weekend (she starved herself to the point where her body stopped producing estrogen, she’s a freaking teenager! Smh)…here are some bright sunny flicks from Paris fall fashion week. More after the jump. (Etro pic’t). Which one is your fave?

Thanks NYMag

Rock & Republic: I like this look- sleek, with an air of mystery.

Emporio Armani: very Audrey Hepburn/ Ferris Bueller’s Day Off somehow- me likes.

Topshop: (which is coming to the US soon) I’m a sucker for red.

Fendi: Though Agnyess is one of my fave models, (we won’t discuss my enjoyment for Burberry here) I like this entire ensemble and those grey thigh-high boots are HOT.

Yeah- I need some more color in my life, clearly I’ve been in NY too long, lol.

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