Found! One Day As A Lion

Gotta love the internet! While trolling around the web this morning I came across the myspace page of One Day As A Lion, and my heart jumped in my mouth. Finally, two of my favorite guys from two of my favorite bands have come together…damn I miss Cali! In their own words:

“One Day As A Lion is both a warning delivered and a promise kept.”

“A defiant affirmation of the possibilities that exist in the space between kick and snare. It’s a sonic reflection of the visceral tension between a picturesque fabricated cultural landscape, and the brutal socioeconomic realities it attempts to mask. One Day As A Lion is a recorded interaction between Zack de la Rocha and Jon Theodore from Los Angeles, California.”

Yup. What they said. That is Zack, as in former front man for Rage Against the Machine, and Jon, as in former drummer for The Mars Volta (I seriously stan for Jon btw, talented, smart, wears Vans and tall-I’m hooked.). Their debut EP hits shelves on July 22nd and while I don’t have an mp3 for you to listen to, you can hear their kind-of-amazing single, “Wild International” here.

-JBaker is craving some Cali sunshine and two days of silence.

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