Good Morning Ovie Mughelli

So as I was perusing Essence this morning and…I met Ovie Mughelli to your left. I sat straight up and said “Umph!” out loud to myself! Sigh…I’m not typically a girlie girl but the caption at the bottom of his TWO PAGE VERTICAL FOLD OUT PICTURE (Essence– ya’ll are not right for taking me back to my YSB/Black Beat poster days…I might have to put Ovie on my bedroom wall!) read, “Let Me Draw Your Bath.” Yes, baby, of course you can. LOL! Ovie is 28 and a fullback for the Atlanta Falcons, (I should definitely start paying more attention to football) he has a charity touting 150 kids, cooks and shared that his sister, Kess, is his hero. “Kess, my older sister,” says Ovie. “She’s like a second mother to me. As a doctor, she had to work so hard to get to where she is today and she always believed in me.”

I’ll definitely take one for the team.

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