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I don’t think any of my beds have ever been comfortable. They were all hand me downs upon which I added feather beds and egg crates to make them feel half way like a bed. When I bought my condo in New Jersey it was time to make an adult decision and go mattress shopping. So I went from store to store, tried every bed possible, but I didn’t want to pay the price for the beds that felt the most comfortable. One night I was testing beds at Levitz Furniture and they had every level possible from cheap to chic. I told the sales associate that “I wanted the best bed for the cheapest price.” He said it wasn’t possible.

“The money you spend on bedding will be one of the biggest investments you will ever make,” he said. “You spend half your life on it, so it better be what you want.”

No statement had ever made more sense to me. So I bit the bullet and bought a Cadillac. I bought a Vera Wang by Serta queen sized bed ( Price = A LOT). Ladies and gentlemen, this bed is a cloud in my room instead of the sky. I have never slept so hard, or drooled so much. But two weeks ago, my Vera got some competition.

I’ve moved back to the New York/New Jersey area recently and decided to stay with a friend until I get my place back in Brooklyn- then at the last minute, I found out I had to get a new mattress and box spring. The bed in my new room no longer existed and my Vera was deep deep in a wooden freight box in the back of my moving company’s storage house. No way I can get them to deliver it without paying for it over again.

So once again, I am on the hunt for a bed. Same parameters-best thing for super cheap. I ended up at Sleepy’s in Paramus, NJ with this thristy looking and eager salesperson.

As I jump on beds, another salesperson tells my guy to check the discount center. While my inexperienced salesperson checked to see what’s at the discount center, he talks my head off about how the other guy is a hater and I was his first sell after training. So somehow I got tricked into looking at more expensive options. But these were floor models that where only on display for six months and had never been slept on. So I am a sucker and I said ok to the Sealy BodyDream Blueberry Cove LTD-Ultra Plush. Some $3000 bed they were basically giving away. So this sales guy goes on and on about how he can’t believe I am getting this deal-“they don’t just tell people about the discount center.” Of course my sales guy doesn’t know how to ring up my discount sale and the other sales guy, the one who made the initial suggestion, knew it. So the other sales guy ends up getting the commission on my purchase and my guy was SOL. I guess he was a hater. (sidenote: Did you know that mattress salesmen can make upwards of $200,000 per year?) But I was able to view my purchase at the discount center and make sure everything was good.

The Discount Center, located on Route 17 South in Hasbrouck Heights in New Jersey, turned out to be another Sleepy’s store front, but it had a small sign that said “Discount Center.” I showed my receipt and asked to see what I bought. The new sales guy takes me to this unmarked door in the back of the store, behind which is a warehouse that is four times the showroom space at the original Sleepy’s, with all these floor model beds just lying around. It was DISCOUNT BED HEAVEN!

My new Sealy BodyDream Blueberry Cove LTD-Ultra Plush bed is amazing. Its firmer than my Vera, yet just has comfortable. My friend who’s spare room I am occupying, offered to buy the bed from me since she needs a new bed. HA! In your dreams! I’m getting a two bedroom apartment so I can sleep on both my beds.

Today’s Lesson

-Buy the best mattress you can afford-you WILL spend half your life on it.

-Ask the sales associate if their company has a discount center. If you live in the New Jersey area you can visit Sleepy’s on Route 17 South in Hasbrouck Heights, check out the site here.

-Consider becoming a mattress professional-you can get paid!


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