HOMEGIRL: Kitchen Redecoration

If you’re tired of your kitchen and want to try something different, here are a few tips:

Baskets of Comfort: Baskets stowed above cabinets provide extra storage and give your kitchen a bit of coziness.

Colorful Curtains: Remove the doors from your kitchen cabinets and mount cafe curtains or just leave them open, with dishes placed nicely in the cabinets. Voila-the whole kitchen gets a face lift.

High Hopes: Fix a wall-mounted shelving unit draws the eye upwards, providing storage while also making the ceilings seem higher.

Hook It Up: Hit up a few restaurant supply stores for cool storage solutions like a strip of hooks that hang spoons and other utensils on your walls.

Organized Confusion: Use uniform canisters to store items like sugar and baking powder so your counter top won’t look chaotic. Then put all of your canisters on a serving tray with a lip, this will keep everything together and create a still life look.

Your Favorite: Steal ideas from a clever display at one of your favorite furnishing boutiques. My personal favorite showed shelving that was stained a deep, chocolate brown, making the china stacked on top stand out.


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