Keeping It Real…Almost

I just adore Ms. Alicia Keys. She wears thigh-slimming Spanx (and doesn’t skip a beat if they peak out), she (or her makeup artist) highlights her décolleté with bronzer to fake a little sexy cleavage (more on that below), and she wears skinny jeans and pencil skirts despite her womanly curves. She’s admirably comfortable enough in her own skin to enhance what she does (and doesn’t) have without resorting to excessive cosmetic procedures. And, that’s real.

To boost your own bosom for summer try the Cosmetics My Beautiful Breasts Box Set. The waterproof kit comes with everything you need to create definition and lift, even if it wasn’t there to begin with!

It may take some practice to get it looking au natural, but it’s definitely less painful than implants!

—Mrs. Ayren

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