Low-Key Lids

As soon as I saw it, I instantly fell in love with the simplicity of this soft look created by makeup guru, Pat McGrath for Roberto Cavalli’s 2008 fashion show. Of course, Ms. McGrath’s pro technique included, like, 50 million steps (a trio of eye shadows, a wet liner, a white-gold loose powder, shine, etc.….). But, since most of us don’t have much more than 10 minutes to do our hair and makeup every morning, I found one—yes, one — product that emulates this fresh eye look.

Just use your ring finger (because the other fingers can pull the delicate skin around our peepers) to smooth Laura Mercier Metallic Crème Eye Colour in Gold? ($22) all over your eyelid (don’t worry, it works for every skin tone).

Then take a shadow brush to smudge your bottom lash line in the hue, too. As far as everything else goes: lips should be bronzey and moisturized-looking, cheeks should be slightly flushed, and hair should be clean, and a little undone. So sexy. So simple.

—Mrs. Ayren

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