L’Uomo Vogue is Also Back to Black.

While the rest of the world is fawning over the July 2008 issue of Italian Vogue, which is gorgeous, I have been secretly hoarding my issue of L’Uomo Vogue aka Italian Men’s Vogue for quite some time. Why? Well, not to be outdone by it’s female counterpart L’Uomo is featuring a dapper-don looking Jay-Z on the cover and Mr. “I make righteous bitches get low” himself, Common, inside it’s pages. They clean up well, no? Almost makes me want to give up my vow to never get down with a celeb. Oh, but wait, there is…

Zizou!!! Footballer, personal hearthrob and 2006 World Cup head-butter (dude called his mother & sister a whore!) Zinedine Zidane graces the cover of the special Vogue Sport that comes with this issue of L’Uomo. Ah, he’s so dreamy in that scruffy French way. Swooon. You can see more of Mr. Carter’s spread here.

-JBaker is really trying her best not to do any real work today.

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