Mango Ready to Rock for Iraq?

“We’re going to open a shop in Iraq very soon. The people are starving for something like this.­­”
— Isak Halfon, Mango

Aside from peace, yes, according to Isak the women of Iraq are staaaarving for Mango. The Barcelona based retailer, aka the other, younger Zara is planning on true world domination. Want proof? Their next store will be in the city of Abril, located in good ole’ Iraq. Because most Iraqi women really don’t get down with denim miniskirts, bikinis and one-shoulder pieces, the store will feature clothing designed by Zuhair Murad, a Lebanese designer whose pieces are designed specifically for the Middle Eastern woman’s uber-modest wardobe. This isn’t Mango’s first foray into the region, they have stores in Kuwait, Dubai, Lebanon, and Jordan among other regional cities–and according to the retailer, they are number one in the market.

Stylish Iraqi Women.

Funny thing is, none of the executives actually went to Iraq before building it. The reason? Safety concerns!! Seriously, who wants to worry about getting bombed when you are trying to decide between a floral or graphic print head scarf? Not to say that the women of Iraq aren’t deserving of good fashion (that is a God given right), but since Abril has not been immune to violence since the ousting of Saddam Hussein, and since Iraq has far stricter dress codes for women than their more cosmopolitan neighbors…this Mango will be a real barometer for the country’s progress on all levels.

Just don’t think you will catch a Penelope Cruz poster on display.


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