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McLaughlin is Blacker than YOU, but Feist is Blanca and Fab!

Wow. Even if you aren’t Black, he still is. Hell, you could be from Africa and he is still Blacker than you. Why? Since he feels that he has the right to call Barack Obama an ‘Oreo’ (aka, black on the outside and white on the inside) he must totally be a Black man expert. Seriously. I didn’t know that John McLaughlin was mixed?! Dayum…he could pass and everything. Move over Cornel West! Can I call John McCain a cracker now?

Meanwhile, one of my favorite self-assured Caucasians, singer Leslie Feist reworked her fantastical hit “1,2,3,4” on Sesame Street recently. They have totally redeemed themselves for that whole Cookie Monster rebrand. Peep how the Count didn’t even make an appearance! He’s such a divo.

Shout out to Young Global!
JBaker is totally mad at everyone who is standing in line at the Chelsea Apple Store for an iPhone…

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