Morning Coffee 7.10.08

In NYC, it’s a battle of the blunders with the divorces of Christie Brinkley and Yankee baseball star A-Rod each fighting for center stage. After both Brinkley’s husband, Peter Cook, and Alex Rodriguez’s numerous rumored affairs with everyone from Madonna to rando fitness models to 18 year olds coming out in the divorce paperwork, I’m betting either a secret love child or a midget is popping up next. [ABC] [Fox]

Northwest Airlines is on the verge of cutting 2,500 jobs because of the rise in jet fuel costs. All this while I’m trying to buy my Thanksgiving plane ticket…grrr. [BBC]

Here’s the excerpt: “Camille Paglia is a pro-sex feminist who’s still for porn and prostitution. But champions of chastity, she says, also stand in a great feminist tradition of defying group thinking…” Are you sold yet? I was. [A&L]

Just after the Obama family ran the first part of their three-part Access Hollywood interview, Barack changed his mind. Backstory: Republicans have accused him of using his family as a campaigning tool to nab public affection. You know what I think? McCain’s salty because neither he nor his wife are as accessible as Michelle and the Obama kiddies. Honestly, do you think Mrs. McCain goes to Target like Michelle? [Reuters]

Meanwhile, Jesse Jackson apologized for telling FOX NEWS (of all places) that he wanted to “cut [Obama’s] nuts out” for talking down to black people? WTF is going on there? We could technically go back and forth as to whether one can actually “cut out” someone’s nuts, but let’s just settle by saying the entire comment is suspect. [G]

Steely D says 2 things: it’s almost Friday, thank GOD and thank God for crack rap. discuss.

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  • to quote my man, “now i know that jesse’s working for THE MAN!”. WTF?! the funny thing about this story is that his own son repudiated his comments and said that they were totally inappropriate. i believe that barack’s father’s day speech was a continuation of the theme of the million man march. wasn’t jesse there? did he or would he ever dare go up against minister farrakhan or bill cosy for that matter? when bill cosby went on a tirade, as the media called it, back in 2004 at a Rainbow/PUSH coaliation meeting, lamenting about the wasted opportunities provided through the civil rights era, illiteracy, poor parenting, and the responsibility of the black middle class, he meant to kick ass. he wasn’t that lovable dr. huxtable cracking jokes. he was dead-ass serious, as he should have been. jesse was there (it was his event) and he supported bill. is jesse hatin’ on barack now because he is so much closer to the presidency than he could ever hope to be? could jesse be getting indignant because barack was calling for black men to be more responsible and present fathers? i think so. keep hope alive, jesse. your love child is calling you. a black man will be president. it just won’t be YOU.