Morning Coffee 7.1.08

Heidi Klum to designers Foley and Corinna: You are ouwt. The model/host borrowed the company’s blouse design and re-released the top under her Jordache (yes, it’s still around) self-titled brand. Smh. [Fashionista]

If you have a Mac- go get your Mac OS X 10.5.4 and security updates. Hopefully my Mac won’t shut down while I type this but ditch the Safari update because, honestly- who uses safari? [Apple]

No sooner than Zimbabwe’s former and now six-term president Robert Mugabe is sworn in, Kenya cries that the African Union should suspend him. Meanwhile, the AU isn’t hearing it. [BBC] [VOA]

Al Green describes the greatness that is his new LP, Lay It Down. I told ya’ll that album was amazing. [B&S]

The upcoming Gay Pride celebration in San Francisco is going to give new meaning to the phrase “on fire”—especially after the state’s recent decision to legalize gay marriage. [USA]

I’m sorry but stock prices and medication in the same sentence always makes me nervous. Merck & Co., the company that distributes the cervical vaccination, Gardasil, received a significant 2.7% uptick in stock prices. This makes Merck the “biggest percentage gainers among Dow industrials components.” Note to self: do extra research regarding whether this vaccination actually works. Money breeds susty-ness. Word to The Constant Gardener [Forbes]

I’ll kick in for JBakes because she’d care. Spain beats Germany in Euro 2008. [Guardian]

Happy July folkers- I missed you guys too. And as we’re adding new pieces- just a reminder that I always want to hear what you’d like to see from us…email me at with any comments, beefs or frosty horoscope’s you think this scorpio would like. HOLLER!- Steely D

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