Morning Coffee 7.11.08

Miss Info, Hot 97 radio personality and one of my fave people, is hosting a fund raiser for the Sichuan devastation at Pace University this Saturday July 12 at 730pm if you’re in NYC. SUPPORT!!! [MI]

Kanye West says Good Morning

US president Bush signed a surveillance bill that allows the phone companies to keep that tap on your phone line. **cues Jill Scott’s Watching Me** [BBC]

Mariah Carey admitted that she might want to be a mom with new husband Nick Cannon. I vote that their relationship still seems forced. Thoughts? [EW]

In another 50-100 years, oceans may run out of coral reefs due to global warming and increased carbon dioxide in the air caused by factories, cars and power plants. Smh. [Reuters]

I hate to say it, but Usher is a SNORE!!! Someone please make him interesting…no more family talk. So strange because I respect that he’s committed and wants to be a good father but man, does that mean your BET performance has to be a snooze too? Anyway, Essence put his son on their cover and JBakes thinks the baby’s not that air-brushed. I say, babies need air-brushing? PLR to Usher: You don’t have to call. [E]

Ladies, have a wonderful weekend and make sure to drink a nice glass of wine in the shade – Steely D

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