Morning Coffee 7.15.08

OMG!!! The UK Mail on Sunday claims to have identified graf artist Banksy‘s real government name, etc…is it just me but I like him as a secret. It’s somehow more fun that way… [BBC]

I’m sorry, but I’m a Hunter S. Thompson stan. He was the crazy dopeness. Honestly. I’m definitely going to hit the Angelica, an indie theater here in NYC, to see his documentary…meanwhile, Russell Simmons is giving Jesse jackson a pass for making those sketchy “cut [your] nuts out” statements re Barack Obama recently. Thoughts? [NYMag1] [NYMag2]

Interesting: Alarmed by the sharply eroding confidence in the nation’s two largest mortgage finance companies, the Bush administration on Sunday asked Congress to approve a sweeping rescue package that would give officials the power to inject billions of federal dollars into the beleaguered companies through investments and loans. [NYT]

Picture of my girl Lilo [Jeze]

Word on the street: Big Boi just shot his a video for his new single, “Something’s Gotta Give” with Mary J Blige. Big is one of my faves so I hope the song is good. Listen here and tell me what you think. Happy Monday…hopefully this hangover will pass. =0) Oh yeah, Jeezy’s next album is GREAT and there was some other gossip but I’ve forgotten. I’ll fill you ladies in later on this week. Scout’s honor.

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