Morning Coffee 7.16.08

Guess who I found last night? Mrs. Nasir Jones with a brewsky in her paws, my kinda girl but more on that down below. Good Morning!

Remember when we said last week that the Israeli-Hezbollah hostage trade was looking like it might happen? Now it’s actually going to and the Lebanese are declaring the day a holiday. [BBC]

Worried about your financial stability in these unstable times? The Washington Post found some answers from lame duck US pres Bush. Do you believe him? I’m taking bets, how long do you think the recession will last? Two years…three years? [WashPo]

The Belgian PM Yves Leterme offered his resignation-he only took office in March- to the king, but his highness (do we still say that in 2008?) hasn’t decided if he will accept the resignation. Sidenote: Belgium is pretty interesting because, if my memory serves, the country didn’t have an official working government for almost nine months before Leterme took office. Like US president Bush and former US vice president Al Gore’s stalemate except this lasted almost one year. Wild. [BBC]

Model Chanel Iman (yes, we love her) is now working for Victoria’s Secret…Congrats! [Fashionsita]

Word On the Street: I saw Fonzworth Bentley on the street last night and he said he’s working on an independent album. The important thing here is that he shot this video (watch after the jump) with Kanye West and my eternal husband, Andre 3000. I also saw Kelis at her hubby’s New York City show and she told me that she’s now got an indie distribution deal through Fontana and isn’t in any rush to put another album out. READ: WILL DO ANOTHER LP IN HER OWN TIME. But I must say folks, Mrs. Jones looked GREAT as usual. Love the hair color girlie!

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