Morning Coffee 7.17.08

South Africa wanted to legalize prostitution- just during the word cup folks!- but religious and social monitoring groups said nope for fear the country may end up like Amsterdam (legalized prostitution). [BBC]

Remember the LA Times journalist Chuck Phillips who wrote all those incendiary who-shot-who investigative pieces about Tupac and Notorious BIG? Remember how his last story, which implicated Puffy and Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond, was proved untrue by the Smoking Gun? Well, the paper let Phillips go in their latest round of lay-offs. [AHH]

AHHHHH!!! Gossip Girl comes back on September 1. YES!!! Do you think Serena and Dan will get back together? What about Lily and Rufus? [Gawker]

Whoa!!! Australia apologized to the Aborigines for trying their best to ruin and end the indigenous ethnicity’s culture as we knows it? What’s next…Bush apologizing for slavery, his mother’s indifference, his father’s love affair with gas and his own stupidity? Guffaaaaaaaaw. [Reuters]

Um…”Police arrested Malaysia’s leading opposition figure, Anwar Ibrahim, 61, on Wednesday on suspicion that he sodomized a 23 year old male aide — the second time in a decade he has faced the accusation that could send him to jail for 20 years and hobble his campaign to bring down the country’s government.” [AP]

Do you care about Ashanti’s “Good Good?” I’d rather listen to Chris Brown or Radiohead to be honest… [TGJ]

I know my count was off the other day, but one more day until The Dark Knight. Oh, yeah!- Steely D

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