Morning Coffee 7.2.08

After a minivan plant closed this week, car companies like Toyota have admitted that they’re suffering more than a 20% dip in sales with the increasingly high gas prices. Meanwhile, you know the economy is bad when Starbucks start closing. [NYT] [BBC]

Have you seen bin Laden? No? Know why? The Bush Administration couldn’t find him because of infighting. Bands and TV shows are supposed to crumble due to infighting not entire government mandates. Smh. [Independent]

Louis, Louis, why have you forsaken me? Here are the new LV Watercolor Speedy’s among other variations of the new design. Again, smh. [BB]

Angelina Jolie finally checked into a hospital in France, so by the time we finish our coffee maybe they’ll be two more kiddies in the world! Angie and Brad recently signed a three year lease for a place on the French Riviera to settle down with their new fam. [People]

Here’s the list of the most popular TV shows in America. Half of them I’ve never watched a full episode…who knew “America’s Got Talent” was so amazing? [AP]

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