Morning Coffee 7.21.08

Amy Winehouse’s husband “Blaaaaake” (as Bossip calls him) has been sentenced to 27 months in jail for some bribe. Ironically, not for crack. [MTV]

“Project Runway” premiered in the US last week. Our fashion girl Lyani initially talked me into watching this reality show and now, I love it.  Christian Siriano says: “Tranny fierce!!!”  [NYMag]

Ebert leaves his long-time post on the “At the Movies with Ebert & Roeper” show. Two thumbs down. [Reuters]

Beijing banned 1.5 million cars from driving in an attempt to decrease the city’s smog for the Olympics. If only LA would do the same thing… [Guardian]

I don’t think I care but Jay Leno is officially leaving “The Tonight Show” on May 30, 2009, and Jimmy Fallon is taking over on June 1. I don’t think either were/are funny enough to carry a whole show, but… [AP]

Sarah Jessica Parker is kicking off a new show on Bravo called, American Artist. The contestants will compete via mural and paintings. Shouldn’t SJP be doing shows surrounding fashion? Just curious…I hope there’s at least one graf artist in the bunch. [Fashionista]

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