Morning Coffee 7.23.08

WHY WHY WHY Pussycat!!! **clutches pearls** Parlour is officially taking a moment to mourn the Golden Girls’ Sophia, aka Estelle Getty. Sophia was the only old lady that was as funny as she was is my Granny. [Reuters]

Remember that crazy throwback album, The Chronic 2001 by that old fogie, Dr. Dre? Well, the old man came out of hiding and promised that November or December will be the release date for his LONG awaited album, Detox. Yeah, not holding my breath on that one… [NH]

14 million people in the Horn of Africa are on the verge of a food crisis. Like Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Ethiopia are the countries worst affected and the UN says it needs $400 million to combat the damage. [BBC]

From, here’s the latest: crack rapper Rick Ross actually used to be a prison correctional officer instead of pals with drug czar Noriega. Watch out for the Ricky…they’re reporting got LA Times journo Chuck Phillips fired. [MTV]

I just think the Chicago Bears’ Kevin Jones is cute. I told you I’d be paying more attention to football players. **wink** [CST]

Find the irony in this sentence: Ex-cop may be charged in case of man Tasered to death. I give up waiting, the “may be” is the ridiculous part… [CNN]

Here’s part 2 and 3 of the Golden Girls Episode. RIP

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