Morning Coffee 7.7.08

Fidel Castro’s hopping into the Columbian FARC hostage discussion, asking the rebels to release all of their hostages. [BBC]

Meet Harlem’s real estate queen…Willie Kathryn Suggs. Her hustle is second only to Frank Lucas. [NYMag]

The Zimbabwe militia’s youth division may have sex slaves…why am I not surprised? [LAT]

Are you going to watch David Simon’s (creator of The Wire) new show, Generation Kill? I’m not too into soldier dramas, blame it on me having a vay-j-j, but on the strength of Simon, I may tune in. Oh, and don’t forget to read up our interview with The Wire‘s Gbenga Akinnagbe aka Chris. When he’s not scary- he’s actually cute. [NYT]

Asian Americans are ditching California and Washington for Las Vegas and Phoenix. Reason? Janky schools and over-crowding. [USAT]

Republican US presidential hopeful John McCain is questioning Obama’s words regarding Iraq, saying the senator’s stance may be migrating towards his own. Interesting. [CNN]

CORRECTION: Friday, I said the actors and studios had struck a truce. Wrong- it was the Broadway folks that’d struck a deal- meanwhile, the Hollywood Screen Actor’s Guild negotiations rage on. [G]

Folks that are in the US- did you have a good weekend? JBakes and I did some serious drinking…or maybe that was just me? Suffice to say, I’m determined to drink more than my assumed eight glasses per day. What’d you do? Did anyone go to the Essence Fest? How was it? – Steely D

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