Morning Coffee 7.9.08

Remember Kenrya’s politrix column on the political overtures to the black and hispanic communities? Well, start your engines because both Obama and McCain are playing to the Hispanic community as you’re reading this. Meanwhile, we’ll be getting our next Obama fix (read: Michelle and the girls, Malia and Sasha) soon through Access Hollywood. The family did their first collective interview with the show, which began last night and will continue July 9 and 10. Set those DVR’s! [AP] [ABC]

Father Pat Connor is giving new meaning to the phrase “don’t date him girl.” The Austrailian-born, New Jersey-based priest is traveling and giving a speech entitled “Whom Not to Marry.” Do you want to hear him out? [NYT]

I knew something else was going to happen with Zimbabwe’s wildness. The G8 leaders have decided to levy sanctions against the coutry over the election shennanigans. My only problem is Mugabe won’t be the one that will truly suffer, it will be the Zimbabwe people. Sigh. [BBC]

Do you like Mavado (Gannnnnnnngstaa fa’ life!) like I do? Well, the founder of Reggae Report magazine in Jamaica says reggae artists need to clean up their act if they want international acclaim. I think I disagree. Genres like Hip-Hop and heavy metal are extremely violent but that doesn’t stop them from spreading across the world…thoughts? [Gleaner]

Want some fake YSL sandals? Of course you do. [Fashionista]

Rumor’s said for a minute that Ms. Badu is preggers by her boo, Jay Electronica. I heard the word on the street two weeks but wanted to confirm it was true before sharing. And according to my sources, there will indeed be a third party in the Badu tribe. Congrats to the couple!

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