Morning Coffee 8.21.08

So films like Ocean’s Eleven and The Thomas Crown Affair aren’t so far-fetched. The Brazilian police captured an ATM thief and stumbled upon several original Picasso’s. Now that’s great luck, depending on who you’re rooting for. [BBC]

Did you know that British women spend £65 million on hair extensions? I wonder how much American women spend because no. 1 the US is much bigger than the UK and no. 2 I’m constantly stepping over tumbleweeds made of kanekalon on 125th St. [TGJ]

I’m not the only person that couldn’t wait on The Dark Knight. The Heath Ledger and Christian Bale-led film racked in $155.3 million this weekend, more than even Spidey last year. [LAT]

Several women were ordained as bishops and deacons in an unsanctioned ceremony in Boston this weekend. The Archdiocese says that the women are ex-communicated from the Catholic church just for participating in the ceremony. [BG]

Because I love Mean Girls and Meryl Streep, here’s some info about Amanda Seyfried, the star of Mama Mia, which also opened in the US this weekend. I dig musicals so I’ll probably check this out and then subject you all to sing-a-longs. Don’t hate. [MTV]

Hm, so Barack spoke to Aghani PM and proposed that US troops withdraw from Iraq and go to Afghanistan. However the Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki doesn’t agree with the pull-out. A German magazine, Der Spiegel, reported that al-Maliki agreed with Obama’s proposal, however, the PM says he was misquoted. Who do you believe? [ALJ] [NYT]

Sooooooo, I saw The Dark Knight and it was AWESOME. Unfortunately I missed the ending lines due to unfavorable seating but it was still the best movie I’ve seen this year. And Heath Ledger’s performance isn’t getting unfair attention because he’s dead, Ledgermania is happening because he is an AMAZING Joker. I compare his run to Brad Pitt’s defining performance as a nutter in 12 Monkeys, where I thought to myself, “hey, maybe this guy isn’t just a pretty face.” Please go see it and tell me what you think- I want to hear your opinion.

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