Note To Fashion World: Black Girls Do Indeed Rule

The guys at our local newsstand have already made it clear that they’re quite tired of us peeking our heads in every morning, asking “is it here yet??” No, Vogue Italia‘s all-Black model issue STILL hasn’t hit US shores, though rumor has it reserved copies are already being snapped up faster than spots on a Hermes waiting list. We’d be lying if we said our anticipation had nothing to do with the total girl-crush we have on 19-year-old Londoner Jourdan Dunn. She looks so lovely and chic in Vogue Italia’‘s teaser pics that are floating around the Internet. Not since our scrapbooking days, when an icy cool Kate Moss, shot by Corinne Day, decorated our vanity mirror as inspiration, have we been so taken with a model.

And now we find out Jourdan is the face of that other hotly anticipated fashion happening: Topshop NYC. Check out our girl below looking like a badass beauty in the new campaign. Plaids, pleathers and bowler hats—oh my! More pics after the jump.

C Angie C (get it?)

Vogue Italia sneak peeks:

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