Parlour Girls Around the World: No.1

So while in Alabama over the weekend (don’t ask.), I had the pleasure of bumping in to one of the nicest, talented and dare I say, hottest fellas in the game right now. Hands off ladies, he’s about to get married! After chatting about DJing, Leicas, Adobe Illustrator, Gordon Parks, and how we are both really big nerds, he took the time to show some love and shout out his favorite ParlourMaid and snap a picture with moi. So who is that to the left of my fabulous set of toes? I just dropped 2 really good hints. Find out who it is after the jump!

It’s Derrick Carter, aka D-Nice aka Parlour’s Favorite DJ aka Photographer aka member of the legendary BDP Crew! His homie, Mahogs happens to be one of our founding Parlour Maids. Be sure to check out his site to see what he is doing, and his photo galleries, which are dope.

Hey D – congrats to you and Malinda!

So who did you think it was? -JBaker

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