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Still A Rolling Stone: Ronnie Wood’s Teenage Love Affair

On a slow news week, it’s funny what ends up on the front of the red-tops (English slang for the trashier tabloid papers over here). One story which dominated last week was the fact that Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood had fled to his house in Ireland, on a two-week booze bender with a 19-year-old Russian waitress.

Rocker runs off in drunken binge shocker! Yep, it’s not the most original story ever.

Her name’s Ekaterina Ivanova, and according to her mum the teenager started modeling for Ronnie’s paintings, was “duped” into posing nude, dumped, and then handed “just” $1800.

Mrs. Iavanova goes on…. “she loves him, she’s so proud to be next to him. It’s not about the money he has. It’s because of the personality he has.” Apparently Ekaterina’s “depressed” and “heartbroken” because he left her.

I’m not being funny but Ronnie’s a man of advancing years, 61 years to be exact. And very much looks like a man approaching 70. So what first attracted Ekaterina to the millionaire? Gosh – I couldn’t possibly imagine.

The pair apparently met in an escort bar (it’s a posher way of saying strip club) in April, he then whisked her away to his County Kildare mansion, promising to pay her £300 a day indefinitely – forgive me for my confusion, but I thought her mum said it wasn’t about the money?

Anyway — Ekaterina hasn’t actually given an interview as yet, but I give her another week before she fesses up. Probably with the aid of a fat pay-cheque from a national newspaper. That usually helps the process of mending a “broken” heart.

Read it for yourself here.

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